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Pike Design & Construction has been in the remodeling business in the Rochester area for over 25 years. We offer a unique approach to kitchen and bath remodeling, using our own people in all aspects of the job. From the initial design to completion, Pike Design & Construction is there for all stages of your project. Our employees take a personal interest in your kitchen or bath. This negates the need for sub-contractors who slow down the progress and are only on the job for a limited time. Often, sub-contractors do not have a vision of the entire job or of the client’s desires or needs.

We can handle any job, from minor kitchen and bath painting to total tear-outs. Wall removal, building new walls, redoing plumbing and electrical, installing new flooring, new ceilings, or new trim are all within the scope of Pike Design & Construction. We also install new appliances.

Pike Design & Construction has a dedicated designer that works with you on every aspect of your job from start to finish. The designer stays with your job and is your contact and resource for all your questions and concerns. You avoid confusion and duplication by dealing with one person. She is there to help you with all of your decorating needs and problems.

From the initial concept of what you want to do in your home, to the design, construction and finish, there are many questions and always a bit of anxiety. Pike Design & Construction can help you with the whole process and make it a smooth transition.

Our goal is to take your dream project and make it a reality. A new kitchen or bath can add years of enjoyment, comfort and function to your home. With the high investment return on both kitchens and baths, be assured your money is well spent. Not only is your home a major investment, it is also a visual reflection of your personality, taste and style. Don’t compromise on your style and comfort.

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